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Hey guys, nice to meet you all :3

I draw a lot of Kingdom Hearts, Homestuck, Pokemon, Beyblade and on some occasions, Monsterkind, RS, DTMG, and other stuff I like. (Specially Beyblade and some AU like pokebey and beystuck)

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3DS FC : 3823-9762-0758
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Can you guess from my posts what is my:

  • age
  • sex and/or gender
  • sexual orientation
  • race and/or ethnicity
  • field of study and/or field of work
  • favorite TV show(s)
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  • favorite food(s)

Leave any answers in my ask and we’ll see how astute you are.

The kamen rider gaim lockseed i bought at the convention are making new sounds i never heard them do before. I guess i didn’t play with them enough before, but like i’m super suprised everytime i hear them and zia is super annoyed cuz i’m like “look look, it never said that before!!” *proceed to play it ten more times* (i’m pretty sure she wants to break them)




if i die young ouija board me how one piece ends


also people should keep in mind that sometimes when an artist says “doodle" what they mean is "stress-free art”. that doesn’t necessarily mean that the “doodle” they made is something that they didn’t work hard at or didn’t spend a long time on. some people get really out of…

Anonymous sent:

Can you draw Mariah Wong in colour palette number six, please w/ cherry on top *does cute face*


Sad mariah because ”Wong” is a fandom name and she actually has a canon name which is Mao Chou, but anyways she’s always fun to draw and super cute :3

OMG I was gone for soo long!!

Soo yeah, like the title says, I had been pretty occupied in the last 2 weeks, I had to prepare for a con and then attend the con. I cosplayed as Jane Crocker the entire weekend at otakuthon in Montreal. Even though it’s a pretty easy costume to make let’s just say this baby is the one that took most of my time

(I wilol not be posting pictured of myself because I don’t really like how I look in general and anyways I don’t have any)

Lil seb is all hand knit (well, crochet actually) and took a good 3 days to make.

The con was really fun and I found a lot of kamen rider stuff there that were well hidden, though some of them stood out and I’m just blind. Soo here are the goods I got

(I now own a belt :D, I always told myself that if I ever owned one it would be decades and diend’s drivers, maybe ooo’s too)

and my cell phone charm grew taller again! (well the only new thing here is actually the shaota combo figurine, but I’ve never actually posted them around soo yay big phone charm that is just OOO stuff.

I’m sorry about the bad quality pictures


watch kamen rider


im so bored but i absolutely refuse to be productive and minus was like lets get COFFEES so i cant even sleep this is my hell

dude, i asked you if you wanted one and you could’ve answered ”no” and after that i asked you what side and agreed to a large. you brought this on yourself!




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is TWO BIRB in ones

GET THIS DANGER… Batte Mans. Watch for Gotham a hold in middle of a toes, going create a mayheb crimes!

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Oh no I didi it again… I made a new fantroll!

She likes to be called Nui for short and she collects kamen rider things that she just hoards  in the part of he house that isn’t underwater to not damage them. Her quirk is just to put one word in the sentence in full caps as if to put infasis oon it, she also talks like this. (as you can see she’s also clumsy)

Anonymous sent:

hey could you draw me dirk (or lil hal) with palette #16 thank u kindly have a nice day (you deserve it)

Forever later I finally finish it. Thank you for the wait and have a nice day (or night it’s kinda late right now) you too :3

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It’s summer time, and you know what that means!