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It's a good start
Hey guys, nice to meet you all :3

I draw a lot of Kingdom Hearts, Homestuck, Pokemon, Beyblade and on some occasions, Monsterkind, RS, DTMG, and other stuff I like. (Specially Beyblade and some AU like pokebey and beystuck)

Art trades are [OPEN]
Anonymous sent:

Happy birthday! :3

THank you soo much anon (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Yeah…. Not talking about the beyblades we (me and Zia) orderes 2 weeks ago)

Happy birthday to me!!!!! :3

And I give to myself a new backround for my blog!!


I wear your girlfriend’s clothes! I look incredible! 

Happy 4/13!!! (and I actually manage to finish on time :3 )

Series of mini bg (to set on repeat) to celebrate this wonderful day!


Beta girl trolls







so basically someone made a redesigned version of Comic Sans and holy shit I never knew I could warm up to something that resembles Comic Sans like this

I’m not a typographer so my eyes aren’t trained for this but I think I might use this from now on


A heroic effort

It looks really good to me.  A lot cleaner.


le GASP!


mihashi doodle


Finally finished! This is the first time I’ve drawn a merry go round (well, drawn…I technically traced it XD) and it was kinda difficult to deal with perspective and all.

I had fun drawing the bitbeasts tho! They look so retarded, but all the animals in merry go round rides do :D *getsshot* plus salty Kai = win!

Anyway, I hope you like it, akadyen ^^ sorry it took awhile

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Anonymous sent:

Homestuck otp?

I feel bad because this been in my ask box for at least a month I think D: I’m really sorry.

My homestuck OPt is

I also like JaneRoxy a lot, JohnRoxy, JohnKarkat and DirkJane as bffs

furyofangels sent:

This blog is so quality cute art and things and free adorable backgrounds I love it

OMG! Thank you soo much

I enjoy drawing nepeta more than I thought

2 more down and 4 to go

Kenny kepps hia pokemons in his toolbox. He also keeps a bunch of blank pokeballs just in case, a town map, a book full of know pokemon (to keep people like tyson daichi and rei from touching his laptop or when he’s too busy to show them), a note book, a exp.share and some berries and potions. Let’s just say he is well prepared for his pokemon and his friends.


As for hiromi, she gave a scarf for each contest categories her pokemon are good at

ah yes, cuties in top hat


Alright!  Finally doing 6th gen!  Yeah!  Be forewarned: I’m going to keep doing commentary on designs.  Please resist the urge to scream any of the following things at me:

  • you are OBLIGATED to like inanimate object pokemon because reasons
  • 1st gen had some bad designs so you can’t criticize any pokemon designs ever!  six eggs, rock with arms, case closed
  • you’re a bitch for not liking the pokemon i like
  • you cannot be the grand judge of what are good pokemon and what aren’t, because that is my job

Because these things happened all through my 5th gen posts.  I’m tired of changing angry baby diapers.

That said, I like Chespin a lot!  I like his color scheme.


someone needs to tell me to not spend 60$ on a dranzer ms beyblade right now because i am ACTUALLY CONSIDERING IT

I asked her with what money she was going to pay for it….She didn’t say anything.

” you’re planning on buying it with my credit card aren’t you?”